Non-Toxic Home

Home. It is the place we go to refresh our hearts, spirits, minds and bodies. I strive to make my home as healthy and happy a place as possible. Here you can find all my posts pertaining to ridding my home of all chemical flame retardants, natural mattress DIY’s, and other non-toxic, healthy-home goodness. Click on the images to see the full articles.

On EMF: dangers and tips for reducing EMF in the home

On Getting rid of Chemical Flame Retardants, Formaldehyde and Polyurethane foam…

16 CFR Part 1633 and TB 117: what it means for You and the Health of Your Family

DIY Non-toxic Mattress
Non-toxic Sofa on a Budget: Going Vintage
Moving the Porch Swing Indoors
Non-toxic Area Rug Hack
Home, Naturally: Update on my Chemical Flame Retardant Free home
Furniture De-tox DIY: Plastic folding Table becomes a Cedar Table
Our DIY Non-toxic Natural Latex Sofa on a Budget: DIY Sofa Cover Update
Spirulina as a Natural Wood Stain
Using feather pillows to replace foam and synthetic stuffing


Flame retardants, Chemical Whac-A-Mole, and my latest Chemical-Free Toddler Car Seat
Non-toxic High Chair Makeover
Non-Toxic Toddler Mattress for less than $170: DIY tutorial
The Dangers of CFR’s in Children’s Car Seats

Natural Toy Options

Made: Non-toxic climbing wall for small climbers
Made: Non-toxic Fairy Wings
Natural Play on a Budget


Natural Weed killers

Weed-killing before Chemical Herbicides: A Kettle and Water