Quick Easy DIY Tzitzit

Since becoming a Torah-observant Yeshua/Jesus follower, tzitzit wearing has been one of those things I strive to do, but don’t always succeed at. (If you are wondering what tzitzits are see my two part series on the meaning of tzitzits here and here.) I’ve tried making my own tzitzits, and I’ve ordered them online. I’ve tried clips and pins. I’ve tried varying lengths. As a busy mom I’ve found that tzitzits of longer lengths get stepped on by the little ones and lost. And these clips which I loved for their damage-free properties? Well they tend to fall off at the park :(. And then there is the issue of accidental washing: cotton frays and stains, wool felts. So, all that said I’ve been using a new system for the past few months that is cheap, super easy to make and durable – and your local craft store probably already has them on hand.

I take these pure white mini tassels- they are sold in the curtain section of fabric and craft stores (mine were $1.99), and then I thread a pure blue cotton thread through the tassel with a needle. I use sharp small stainless steel sewing pins to clip them to my clothes.  After 3 months, I’m still on my first set! Hurrah! That is victory in and of itself! But even better, because the material is nylon it resists stains, and the colors are still nice and crisp. The top loop is twisted strands, and it has stayed as nice as the day I bought them. The bottom tassel portion has frayed slightly but still looks great.  The length is perfect- no kids stepping on them anymore! If I’d change on thing, I’d make the tassels a little less full, but who knows I might snag a more streamlined set one day. For now these work, stay nice, don’t get lost, and are super affordable. Again, normal tzitzits probably not an issue for most people, but as a crazy active mom these do the trick for me.


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