Made: Non-toxic climbing wall for small climbers




The little ones looove climbing around here, so after I found this awesome portable climbing wall DIY, I knew it was going to get built! However, I wasn’t too keen on the toxins found in the plywood, the carpeting, and the plastic climbing holds. After showing my husband, we decided to replace the plywood with solid pine paneling for our model. The pine paneling was already sanded smooth when purchased, so we decided carpeting wasn’t really necessary. But when it came to the holds, we were stumped until we came across some handmade wooden ones. See this neat video here showing an artisan at work creating custom, gorgeous wood holds.  Our homemade holds aren’t near as detailed but they were surprisingly easy to make, and of course my husband made sure they were sanded smooth with round edges. My little one likes them and has even named each hold.  We did make some slight modifications to the original design, specifically this one triangle piece to keep the wall from shifting. When moving the wall, we will have to remove this piece to fold the wall up.IMG_4758 IMG_4757a

The biggest bonus to the A-frame shape is that the inside is a great alpine type play house! It even has shelves for them to set important household items like teacups on 🙂  The wall is definitely a hit, both the climbing part and playhouse. (And I let them hammer the wood too, when they are feeling like wielding their toy hammers..) It is very heavy so we keep a rug underneath it to protect the floor.  And I especially loved the nice woodsy smell that it filled the room with for the first few months.. and no chemicals to worry about? That’s the best part. IMG_4923




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  1. Really great job! I am sure your kids are loving it. This is a great idea looking forward to building one for myself. 🙂


    1. annah77 says:

      Thanks! They do love it; they use it everyday 🙂


  2. I wish I had something like that when was younger. Way to lead by example. 🙂


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